arabi ka muallim

Arabic Teacher – Arabi ka Muallim 4 Volumes

Title : Arabic Teacher – Arabi ka Muallim عربی کا معلم

Author : Abdussattaar Khan Rh.

Pages: Volume 1 : 112 and Volume 2 : 120

Arabi Ka Muallim (Arabic Teacher) is a book for urdu speaking students who want to learn Arabic. The author of this book is Abdul Sattar Khan, a renowned religious scholar from India. He had a great control over Arabic language. He has compiled this book, keeping in view of comments and suggestions of Religious Scholars from all over sub continent to make this book more easy and helping for students of all classes. Students of different thoughts from India and Pakistan love this. Since religious scholars has embraced this book, so students trust this book a lot.

The book contains chapters, and exercises that a student can carry by himself without the help of a teacher. The book also offers vast amount of vocabulary, hence very helpful for them to learn fast.

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