Elm ul Kalam (scholasticism) Islamic system of philosophy by Maulana Muhammad Idrees Kandehlavi

Elm ul Kalam My Molana M Idrees

Complete text of Elm ul Kalam (علم الکلام) by Muhammad Idrees kandehlavi Urdu is available. We have typed and proofread it because it is of very important topic. Since it’s is ready for printing and publishing, you do not need to wait for anything.

It’s noteworthy that the text is fully accurate and had zero error ratio in Sha Allah. This product is available in different dimensions. Surely we have done or best to draft the text nicely specially Qur’anic and Hadith verses and their translation. It’s readability level is great. The don’t is awesome. You only buy pPD version, print it and publish it. Available for printers only.

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