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Niyat Nama (نیّت نامہ)

Niyat Nama is a book which helps Muslims to learn how to make a niyyah before salah.  This booklet helps them to remember these niyyahs, and help them to repeat these niyyahs before praying. These niyyahs are very important for Muslim. The text is easy to read for kids and also for elders. The text is print ready and well formatted.

What is in this booklet?

This book first gives 6 Kalimas of Islam (or in Urdu شش کلمہ) plus urdu translation. Them Emaan e Mufassal and Emaan e Mujmal and their translation. Then the Niyats of Salahs. Aft that the book gives the recitals of the Salah and much more.

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