Panj Surah

Title : Panj Surah (or پنج سورہ in Urdu)

5 selected corporates chapters from the Holy Quran with Urdu translation.

Translation: Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Panj Surah (پنج سورہ)

Panj Surah (or پنج سورہ in Urdu)is a booklet of 5 Chapters from the Holy Quran. Also the book includes some of the most affective prayers narrated by the holy prophet ﷺ.  We have also added the translation beneath every line of the Qur’an. So while you read, you understand what is being said.

Along with 5 Surahs, this book contains narrated prayers (دعا). So this book is very needful for every individual.

Since the given version of the is print ready, so you can print it instantly. but in one dimension only. We will provide any other dimensions if needed. You will contact us for that.

So, Following are Surahs and prayers this book has:

Content of Panj Surah

،سورۂ یسۤین، سورۂ رحمن، سورۂ واقعہ

سورۂ مُلک،سورۂ مزمل،سورۂ کافرون،سورۂ اخلاص،سورۃ الفلق، سورۃ الناس،

آیۃ الکرسی،درود تُنَجِّینَا،پُرنُور دعائیں،بخشش طلب کرنے کی دعا،رزق کی فراخی کے لئے دعا،اپنے اہل وعیال کے لئے خصوصی دعا،ہر گھبراہٹ اور پریشانی کو دور کرنے کی دعا،مخالفین کے دباؤ کے وقت پڑھی جانے والی دعا،خاتمہ بالخیر کی دعا،

In conclusion the booklet had around 72 pages, neat and clean layout and readable text.

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